Functions of NURTW (Ondo State Chapter)

The State administration council  shall  co-ordinate the activities of the union in the State.

The State administration takes disciplinary action against any of its member(s) who engages in any act that is prejudicial to the interest of the union.

Ensure the orderly loading of vehicles on the basis of first come first served.

Guide and further the interest of members of the union within the unit.

Ensure proper and strict observation of the rules of the union by the members both individually and collectively.

Safe guide the funds of union.

Ensure that their operational environment is always kept neat and tidy

Ensure the safety movement/delivery of goods and services from one place to another by the drivers.

Ensure the safety movement of passengers from one place to another.

Sustaining proper welfarism of his member: here the union seek to the problem of the member of NURTW Ondo State.

Creating cordial relationship between the passengers and the union; as a result passengers can send goods through drivers to a particular region or destination without the presence of the sender